Creative Woodworks Specialists in Handmade Wooden Items

Creative Woodworks specialising in making handmade wooden products.

Creative Woodworks Wood Cremation Urn
Wood Cremation Urn

My name is Joseph and I specialise in making products made with wood near Melbourne, Australia. Timbers I use include Tasmanian Blackwood, Vic Mountain Ash, River Gum, US Maple and premium Australian Made Veneer when required depending on the job.

I am a trade qualified woodworker with over 2 decades in experience.

The things I make generally are Jewelry Boxes, Cremation Urns, Cutting Boards and anything in between. I can custom make these to order.

Product Techniques

I make everything in my workshop using my experience and techniques that I have learnt and discovered over the years.

All products are finished with an oil/beeswax combo. I don’t use commercial sprayable clear coats due to the plastic look its gives the finished product.

There are a few variables one needs to consider when making wooden products and this includes allowing the wood to expand and shrink (though very slightly) during different the colder and warmer seasons. When this occurs for example a solid timber top could push the sides out which can result in timber joins breaking.

Depending on the job at hand I use a variety of timbers. This includes Australian Blackwood, Vic Mountain Ash, River Gum, Spotted Gum and US Maple. For box making tops depending on the project these can be made from hardwood or Australian Made Veneers & MDF.

Boxes made with an MDF core and veneered in my opinion have much more stronger joins but require extra work. The joins are stronger due to the glue and nails used and the gluing of veneers to the sides.

Custom Made Creative Woodworks

If you are looking for something in particular I can make this for you.  I also specialise in custom made wood urns. Please contact me directly via phone or email with what you need. If you have a hand drawn sketch with sizes this would help quicken the process.